Payment: All payments must be made in full prior to artwork being started and/or files being sent to print. Design fee (if applicable) is non-refundable whether the design is used or not. 
Pre-payments or 

Misspelled Words: Once written permission to print your design is received, FAST PRINT INC is not responsible for any errors on the design including submitted or approved misspellings, missing information or layout. Please take the time to review your proof before submitting or approving for print. 

Colors and Cuts: Due to the nature of digital printing colors and cuts are NEVER exact. It is standard that colors may shift 10%. Remember, when you see your proof, you are looking at your design on a computer monitor, which is light, not ink. We DO NOT color match. 

Printing: Jobs are ready for pickup within 7-9 business days after approval or delivered within 7-10 business days after approval. FAST PRINT INC does not guarantee a specific day the job will be completed, therefore, if your order is time sensitive, please plan ahead. There will be no refunds for jobs not received by your deadline. There will be no reprints or refunds for approved or submitted designs. 

We are dedicated to printing. All print jobs are printed on a larger sheet or "run" together with other jobs. Once the sheets are printed they are cut down into individual jobs. These "runs" are printed only in quantities of 5,000. By printing multiple jobs together we save on set up costs and reduce paper waste. Because jobs are printed together with other orders EXACT color matches and EXACT cutting on jobs cannot be guaranteed. We do the best we can to print quality at an affordable price. Since both sides of your order are printed at the same time it costs the same whether you choose to print on the back of your flyer or not. 

Our standard policy is for an up to 7% allowance for over-runs or under-runs. This means that the order you receive may range from 4650 to 5350 cards. Once an order enters the production process it can not be cancelled. Once it enters this process we cannot issue a refund. 

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